Name Extraction

$ 8.00$ 36.00

If you have an account, you can share your tree with us and we can create your tree from the information available. We are excited to offer this option for your ease and convenience! Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • We can ONLY access the information that you have in your account. If you can’t see your family, then we won’t be able to see it either. You will want to check your account first and update any missing information.
  • Because this option is overall more time consuming on our end, we do charge a small fee to do this (the fee varies by tree, see drop down for pricing).
  • To allow us to extract your names, you will need to purchase your tree AND this listing.  Make sure to choose the option that matches the tree that you are ordering or have ordered.  After you have purchased, please share your family tree with as a GUEST.  If you do not know how to do this, just email me and I can send you directions.

Additional information

Name Extraction for

3 Generation Ancestor Tree — $8, 4 Generation Ancestor Tree — $12, 5 Generation Ancestor Tree — $20, 6 Generation Ancestor Tree — $36