Welcome to Branches!  I’m Carolynn! Named after my beautiful grandmother, who actually inspired a lot of what I do.

I’m a wife & mother to 6 incredible kids, with our 7th on the way! This was my first surprise pregnancy, so we’re just laughing a little, taking it a day at a time, but mostly very excited to meet our little girl in June💕 I can already tell that the other kids are going to spoil her rotten.

I’m mostly known for my family tree art & design, but truthfully, it’s all a sneaky way to help you love on your Ancestors!

I’m passionate about getting people interested in and hooked on their genealogy. Branches started out as a blog. In the process of sharing my love for family history, I was searching for a non “out of date” way to display my family history, and that is why I designed my tree!

9 years ago, I posted it on Etsy, and it grew into a full-on business!

Matt (my hubby) & I used to run Branches together full-time. We even had a beautiful storefront for a few years, and I will always cherish those years!

2020 sadly brought a shift in our business… and as hard as that shift was, God has been here & seen us through ❤️. So here we are!

I run Branches from home, in between the hustle and bustle of raising kids, and he is back in the workplace. Thankfully, I still have his help on an as needed basis because heaven knows he is my perfect partner!

I have to take a moment and thank you for being here and thank my customers for supporting our family all these years. Being able to support my family and raise my kids at the same time is the dream that I get to live every day because of your support ❤️

Here’s a few other Fun Facts about me and my business:

I have been a Graphic Designer for approximately 20 years.  Doing everything from sign work, to magazine publishing, to blog & web design.  

Matt, my hubby, has a bachelors degree in Graphic Design from Full Sail University. He has also been long invested in art, working for many years of our marriage as a Fine Art Reproduction Printer, which means that he is super picky about printing and quality!  He has taught me everything I know about Printing and I put a lot of hard work and pride into printing, if you would like to learn more about why you should also have me print your tree, check out this Blog Post.

I started Branches with the sincere hope that we could spread our love for family and genealogy to people around the world!  I hope that our art pieces will feel living room worthy and inspire individuals and families to dive deep into their family roots, learn about their ancestors, and share those stories with their children and grand-children.

Come follow me on Instagram! I love connecting with you and talking about all things family history! I also dedicate Wednesdays to HELPING YOU with your family history. Come ask any questions you like and let’s help you with your family history project! Follow me at @branches.art

And thank you again for your support! My family is so grateful!!