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We have listed many FAQs and answers below for your convenience.

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    Family Tree Questions

    Priesthood Line Questions

    How would my family look in your tree?

    It is a common misconception that our Ancestor Trees display a couple’s posterity, rather than ancestry. The tree pictured is our Ancestor Family Tree design. If you are displaying bloodline only, your tree will layout exactly as shown, with a Husband & Wife at the trunk, their Kids below and their Ancestors above, in the branches.

    We value families of ALL shapes and sizes, and we try to be as inclusive as possible. If you have been adopted, have step-parents, estranged relationships, etc. We have and are happy to make *customizations! Contact us via email at with your specific needs and we would be happy to propose ideas and options!
    * Customizations may require an extra charge.

    If you are looking for a tree that showcases your posterity rather than ancestry, view our “Traditional Family Trees” HERE!

    Custom 4 Generation Ancestor Family Tree

    How do I send you my family names and information to create a tree?

    Each tree has slightly different Name Submission Instructions, CLICK HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS FOR EACH TREE.

    How long do I have to turn in my names after I purchase?

    We prefer that you gather the names before making your purchase and then submit all at the same time, but it is up to you!

    If you are trying to take advantage of a sale or coupon and are not ready to submit your names, we TOTALLY get that! Go ahead and purchase. Then, just turn in your names as soon as you have it put together!

    We try to be super flexible and easy to work with!

    NOTE: We do ask that you submit your names within 2 years at the very latest. We are beginning to close out orders that are over 2 years old.

    Can I show both posterity (kids, grandkids, etc.) and ancestors in your trees?

    Yes! We have 2 different options for you to make this possible.⁠

    Option #1 (our favorite solution) is our Past & Present Family Tree (shown in the first photo). This tree features a married couple at the trunk of the tree, shows children, grandchildren & great-grandchildren as the leaves of the tree (grouped by families), and finally displays 3 generations of Ancestors in the roots of the tree.⁠
    The leaves are color coded, to help see the different generations: Yellow = Kids, Green = Grandkids, and Salmon = Great-Grandkids. ⁠

    Option #2 is to add posterity to our Ancestor Family Trees. An example is shown on the 2nd image. The little branch between names, represents a marriage. This option is great for many families, but here is the catch… If your posterity (shown below the tree) is too large, it can get very uneven, and very cluttered looking, and we will have to make the font smaller, making the info harder to read. That may or may not bother you, but it can be a distraction from the beauty of the art. If you have a small family, it will look similar to the sample that I have shown. ⁠
    * Adding posterity will require an extra charge (children of the main couple are already included, but added posterity is $1 per name).

    Past and Present Family Tree

    How many generations can you go back on an Ancestor Family Tree?

    Depending on who you start with, we can display as little as 3 Generations (Couple, Parents & Grandparents) and we can go back as many as 7 Generations!

    Typically our trees start with a married couple as the first generation, but if you are Single OR if you want a seperate tree for each spouse, you can add a generation by displaying only one person below the tree and their parents in the main couple spot.

    Our largest tree is labeled as our 6 Generation Ancestor Tree, but if you would really like to get a 7th Generation in there, we can start with a SINGLE person below the tree, their parents on both sides of the trunk and the rest of the generations above.

    Visit this link to see all of our Ancestor Family Trees.

    How do I fix a mistake on my Ancestor Family Tree?

    Mistakes happen ALL OF THE TIME. We hate that it does, but with 100+ names, 100+ dates and places, it is so understandable. Being a family historians ourselves, we want you to be able to fix those and get the accurate tree hanging!

    We archive all of our customer’s original files so that if you need to correct something in the future, we can without the cost of creating your tree all over again.

    CLICK HERE to order changes to an Ancestor Tree for only $5!

    CLICK HERE for other changes that can be made to a previously designed tree!

    Can I add generation(s) to a tree that you have previously created?

    Yes! We absolutely can add a generation or more to your existing tree and we will only charge you the difference between the two trees! Keep in mind that 6 generations is our limit.

    CLICK HERE for the listings to add generations to a tree that we have already created for you.

    How do I find out my Priesthood Line of Authority? or How do I find out my husband or son’s Priesthood Line?

    If you don’t know your own Priesthood Line, or your spouse’s, you will be happy to find out that the Church keeps this record for you and it can easily be requested!⁠

    Here are the Church’s current guidelines for who you can request a priesthood line for:⁠
    1. Any Melchizedek Priesthood holder living in the same household as the requester.⁠
    2. A young man currently serving a full-time mission.⁠
    3. A deceased ancestor.⁠

    CLICK HERE to go to the page on the Church’s website where you can request a line.