The Annual January Print & Update Sale is here!

It’s January again and YES, I am doing my Annual Printing and Update Sale! This year, I am also offering discounts to create new trees! Please take a minute and let your friends and family know!

Why do I love this sale? I get emails every January from customers who have either created or received a tree for Christmas, only to realize that there is a spelling or date error that was not caught in the proofing process. This is SO common and understandable!

We want you to have the opportunity to fix or make changes to your tree at a discount!

So let’s get into it! Here is an overview of the sale:

  1. I offer FREE changes to all ANCESTOR Family Trees!  This means that if you have made a mistake OR if you have found new names or new information, we will add that for FREE! *You will receive a new file at no charge, but you will be responsible for the cost of printing, check out our fine art printing options HERE, remember, ALL Textured Fine Art Prints are on SALE!
  2. Printing is on a great sale and the shipping is FREE for any order over $70!
  3. This is also a GREAT time to freshen up a tree that we have created for you in the past! We can change styles (from a B/W tree to a Color one or visa versa)change fontsadd generations, and add missing information!
  4. All new Ancestor tree designs & printing are on SALE! Anyone you know that loves your tree? Please let them know! This is a perfect time to snag a good deal!

I am so excited for this sale and hope that when you reprint your tree, you will consider using us for your reprint. Matt (my hubby) was a fine art printer by trade before we started this business and we have gone to great lengths to make our trees print as beautifully as possible! Learn more about the printing that I offer and ALL of my recommendations when it comes to printing. Check out this blog post—> Everything you need to know about printing an Ancestor Family Tree

Check out a sampling from of our Sale below. All sale prices are automatically applied, no coupon necessary. Sale ends Jan. 31, 2023 at Midnight MST.