9th Annual Christmas in July Sale

My Annual Christmas in July Sale is BACK for the 9th Year!   I have sales every so often, but Christmas is just not one of those times.  I get too busy to offer discounts at that time of the year, SO…  If you are looking for a perfect Christmas gift for parents, friends, or YOURSELF, this is the PERFECT time to snag a good deal!  The sale is a little bit different than other sales, so please read below to see how our sale works.

Below are our Christmas in July Deals! The first package is my most popular package!


I want to take advantage of your sale, but I do not have my names ready yet, can I still purchase it now?

YES, you may purchase now and turn in your names whenever you are ready!  Just keep in mind that if you would like to receive $15 off your final payment due, you MUST turn in your names by August 11, 2024.  Also, if you would like your order completed as a Christmas gift, we recommend that names are turned in by the end of October.

Can I mention this sale later to get a discount?

No.  The reason I offer this sale at this time, is that this is a slower time of the year for me and I can afford to give discounts, other times of the year are much busier and I will not honor this sale at those times.

Can I get my tree printed at a different size and still take advantage of the sale?

Yes!  If you would like to customize the print size, please email me at hello@branchesart.com with details and I can get you an individualized price.