Ancestor B-Day Calendar + 10 Boy Postcards + 10 Girl Postcards

$ 19.00

Lucky you, we are clearing out some of our overstock on Postcards, and other items and marking them down!  This set includes: Ancestor Birthday Day Calendar + 10 Boy Postcards + 10 Girl Postcards

Read the Birthday Card for John Smith in the photo.  Imagine that you got that in the mail!!  How fun would that be?  We want to help you spread the love of family history!  Fill these cards out and send them to family members!

Our Ancestor Birthday Calendar was created as a companion to our Family Home Evening Kit and Postcards.  It is a fun and easy way to keep track of Ancestors’ Birthdays so that you can Celebrate them in a fun and unique way.  It is set up very similar to a traditional birthday calendar, with the exception that there is a space to record your FamilySearch ID Number too, making it easy to quickly look up any Ancestor!

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