126 Names // Ancestor #1

I loved learning about Mary! Her story was full of joy, even among hardship.

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Mary Caroline Jensen

Here are a few fun facts that made me feel a little more connected to her…

  • She was married in the Manti Temple at the age of 20.
  • I was married in the same Temple at the age of 19!
  • Same place, close to the same age, 114 years apart!
  • They lived in a community right next to Eureka, Utah. A once busy mining town.
  • We love driving out there and have taken our kids several times to explore! So fun to find out they lived there!
  • She had a lot of children! 11 Girls & 2 boys (on the very end)
  • A daughter wrote of having the happiest home life, even on little money, and with many trials.
  • I also have a big family (by today’s standards) 4 Girls & 2 Boys
  • I sure hope that my kids grow up to call our home the happiest home, even though we too live on a tight budget and are not free from life’s trials.
  • I couldn’t believe how connected I felt to the way this daughter described their home life. It felt so much like my own, even though it was such a different time period!

It’s amazing how one afternoon, 30 minutes really, can bring so much joy and feeling of connection to someone you’ve never met.

I hope I can take a little piece of Mary with me always.

Especially as I care for so many little ones. If she can do it and they can feel so much joy under one tiny 4 bedroom miner’s home, so can I!

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