ANCESTRAL FAMILY TREE {6 GENERATION} — Name Submission Instructions

AFTER you have made your payment, please submit the following to

Please use “YOUR FAMILY NAME: Name Submission” as the subject line of your email.  (Example:  “The Buchanan Family: Name Submission”)

6 Generation Watercolor Tree

In the body of the email, include the names.

In my example, I display a “Name”, “Birthdate”, and “Birthplace”.  You may or may not want something different.  Some people only want a name, but I cannot show more than 3 items (unless you want to purchase additional customizing).  So what you need to do is for each number spot (shown in the image below), is email me all the information in the format as follows:



2nd Line

3rd Line

Example (this is how your email should look that you send me):


John Luke Doe

June 29, 1959

Salt Lake City, Utah


Jane Lucy Smith

May 18, 1956

Ogden, Utah


Matthew John Doe

September 28, 1921

St. Louis, Missouri


Spot #127+ is for kids, so that is optional.  If you have kids to display, just continue as many spots as you need, with spot 127 being the eldest (left side) and 128 being the 2nd child and so on.

So that we don’t make spelling errors, we will copy and paste these names and dates straight from your email. Please double and triple check your spelling and formatting.

We will send you a proof to look at and approve or make changes to, about 3-7 business days after we receive your names.  After the proof is approved, your digital copy, it will be emailed in about 1-2 business days.  Prints (if ordered) will be shipped or ready for pick up 4-7 business days after your proof is approved.