3 Generation Ancestor Family Tree — Name Submission Instructions

Download and Print Instructions (same as instructions below)

AFTER you have made your payment, please submit the following information in typed format (not handwritten) to our email: hello@branchesart.com

Most commonly, our trees display a Name, Birthdate, and Birthplace. You may choose to show names only, 2 lines of information, or different information on the 3 lines, but your tree includes up to 3 lines total. *If you are interested in adding a 4th line, the cost is $.50/name that you are adding an additional line to.

When you submit your names, we ask that you take the time to carefully type them exactly as you would like them to appear in your tree. We will copy and paste them directly from your email, leaving less room for error. We also recommend that places be edited to about 2-3 places (example: City, State or City, State, Country). We can include longer places, but the font size will be made smaller to accommodate, and it may not look as consistent throughout your tree. If you would like to include a death date, we recommend that you do it in this format: 1947 – 2006 *There is not enough room to include the full birth and death date on the same line.

Here are a few examples of our favorite ways to format your information:

[one-fourth-first]David Randall Hendricks
15 December 1947
Salt Lake City, Utah[/one-fourth-first][one-fourth]David Randall Hendricks
1947 – 2006
Salt Lake City, Utah[/one-fourth][one-fourth]David R Hendricks
December 15, 1947
Salt Lake City, UT, USA[/one-fourth][one-fourth]David R Hendricks
SLC, UT, USA[/one-fourth]

For each number spot shown, email us your information in the following format:
2nd Line
3rd Line

Example (this is how your email should look that you send me):

John Luke Doe
June 29, 1959
Salt Lake City, Utah

Jane Lucy Smith
May 18, 1956
Ogden, Utah

Matthew John Doe
September 28, 1921
St. Louis, Missouri


Spot 31+ is for kids and is optional. If you have kids that you would like to display, continue with as many spots as you need. Spot 31 would be the eldest (left side) and 32 would be the 2nd child, and so on.

In your email, please let us know what tree style and font option you would like. We ask that you please make your style and font selection carefully. We carefully size and place each name, once your selection is made and we have started your tree, it is not easily changed.  If you request a change to style or font at a later time, that can be done at an additional cost.

Please do not hesitate to call or email us if you have any questions at all.  We are available Mon-Sat 10am-9pm.

Matt & Carolynn Reynolds | 801.857.8642 | hello@branchesart.com

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