3 Generation Ancestor Family Tree — Name Submission Instructions

We offer 2 options for submitting your names.

Option #1 — Submit Names via Email

Option #1 is our standard and RECOMMENDED way to receive names. It will take a little time on your part, but WILL produce a more accurate tree. You will be able to proof-read as you prepare your names and you will be able to proof-read again when we send you a digital proof of your tree design. In our experience, mistakes get through MUCH less this way. We care deeply that your tree is as accurate as possible!

Make sure to PURCHASE the tree BEFORE submitting your names.

Need some Help?

Option #2 — Grant us access to your FamilySearch Account (+$8)

If you have a familysearch.org account, we can request access to your account and create your tree from the information available. We are excited to offer this option for your ease and convenience! Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • FamilySearch is a shared global tree, which means that for deceased relatives, anyone can change information. We are not personally familiar with your family lines, so we will not be able to proof-read in the way that you can. Because of this, the proofing process may take longer.
  • We can ONLY access the information that you have in your account. If you cannot see your family, then we won’t be able to see it either. You will want to check your account first and update any missing information. Living family is not listed unless you input it yourself.
  • Because this option is overall more time consuming on our end, we do charge a small fee to do this. The fee varies per tree, but is $8 for our 3 Generation Tree.