Just for Fun Friday // “Making Housework More Easy”

It’s Friday, maybe today’s clip will help you in the kitchen 😘😂


Better if Women Would Sit More at their Daily Tasks. “Women don’t sit enough to their kitchen work,” reclared the elderly housewife. “There’s a heap of ills and ailments that could be avoided by us ing just a little common sense. Now, no woman would think of sewing or darning while standing up, yet they do equally foolish things in the kitchen.

“Take peeling potatoes or other vegetables, for instance. The majority of women stand near the sink for such work, whereas they could do it equally as well by sitting down. How many do you see beating eggs while sitting down? Precious few, I’ll warrant. They stand when mixing dough for pastry or biscuits; after the dishes are washed they stand up to dry them when it’s just as easy to sit down. There’s a hundred little things to be done while preparing meals and which are just as easy to do while sitting as standing. Then, when the day’s work is done, they flop into an easy chair and wail about how tired they are. There’s a chair in nearly every kitchen but it’s mostly used for standing on to get things from the shelves. Sit down more, I tell you, and you won’t have that tired feeling so much.”

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