6 Generation Tree — COMING SOON!

Can you believe it?!?!  I have been asked to do this tree for years now, and HONESTLY, I didn’t think it would look good or be able to fit the information on it.  But, you proved me wrong.  I have been working on it this past month and I like how it is turning out, so the answer is YES, we are going to have a 6 Generation tree soon.  

We are headed to RootsTech in a few days and I hope to see you there, but if I don’t, I have a little something for you too.  Finished or not, we are going to be taking orders for the new 6 Generation tree at RootsTech and we are going to be selling it at a crazy low price to kick it off!

The tree is twice as big as the 5 Generation tree, putting it at 126+ names, SO, the regular price for the tree will be $229 for the digital file.  BUT, if you order it this week (Feb. 26-Mar. 3), we are pre-selling it for $149!!  That is a crazy low price for how much time this tree will take to create for you, but we are just too excited to hold anything back.  This will also be the LAST time that the tree is available at this price.


Email me if you have any questions at all!  hello@branchesart.com


Thank you for your support!!

Carolynn & Matt Reynolds