2nd Annual Christmas in July Sale!

2nd Annual Christmas in July Sale

Our Christmas in July Sale is BACK!   We love offering sales every so often, but Christmas is just NOT one of those times.  We get too busy and swamped to be able to offer very good discounts at that time of the year, SO…..  If you are looking for a perfect gift for parents, friends, or YOURSELF, this is the PERFECT time to snag a good deal! 

This is our LAST big online sale of the year and it ends on JULY 31st!

There are no coupons necessary, just look around and the sale prices are reflected in your shopping cart.


Here are a few FAQ’s when it comes to our sales:

I want to take advantage of your sale, but I do not have my names ready yet, can I still purchase it now?

YES, you may purchase now and turn in your names whenever you are ready!  Just keep in mind that if you want your order completed as a Christmas gift, you will want to plan to have your names turned in by early November (we will soon publish hard deadlines), but in November and December, ALL orders are completed in order of NAME SUBMISSIONS (NOT the date purchased).

Can I mention this sale later to get a discount?

NO.  The reason we are offering this sale at this time, is that this is a slower time of the year for us and we can afford to give discounts, other times of the year are much busier for us and we will not honor this sale at those times.

2nd Annual Christmas in July Sale