What can we help you with Wednesdays?!

Do you need some help with your family history?! Not many people know that Branches started out as a Blog! I was a 20 something year old mom, that found a new passion… Genealogy!

I blogged because I wanted to help my generation get involved! I just loved it so much that I wanted to share.

Well, here we are today, I am no longer blogging much, but I am on Instagram and I miss spending my time helping others with their family history and I would like to do it again! So let me explain what I have come up with…

Family History Help:  What can we Help you With?  Wednesday

Every Wednesday, on Instagram (@branches.art), my goal is to get you a little help with your family history! There is a great little Genealogy community over there and I am confident that between me and the community that we can help with questions that you may have!

Questions may include:

  • Help with getting started
  • Help figuring out some hard to read documents
  • Knowing where to look for specific documents
  • Digitizing recommendations
  • FamilySearch or Ancestry troubleshooting
  • Ask anything! At the very least, we’ll try to get you hooked up with the person that can help!

Click through the images below to get more details on how to participate. We need askers and we need helpers, so if you are either, make sure to come hang out with us on Instagram. I always tag those who help and it can be a great way for Genealogists to connect with potential customers!

  • Family History Help: What can we help you with? Wednesday
  • Do you have a family history project that you need a little help with?  Let this community help you!
  • What can we try to help you with?  Here are a few examples, but you are not limited to this list.
  • Digitizing:  deciphering handwriting, how/where to digitize, app/software recommendations.  FamilySearch/Ancestry troubleshooting and record search help.  Records, what records to look for and where to find them.
  • Where to get started with any family history.  Other questions or help you need!
  • Now, how do you get the help?
  • Ask short questions in stories.  I'll post a box like this every Wednesday.
  • Longer questions or help needed, please DM or email me at hello@branchesart.com
  • Excited?!  Please comment, like or share!

If you have anything that you need help with, don’t wait till Wednesday, email me at hello@branchesart.com and send me the details of what you need and I will post it on Wednesday.

I hope to see you on Instagram and I hope that we can help you with your family history!